Evercolor® 'Everlime' Sedge

Botanical Name: Grass-Carex o. EverColor® 'Everlime'

About Evercolor® 'Everlime' Sedge

A showy, grass-like perennial with green leaves with a lime green edge. This low growing sedge may be used in rock gardens, perennial beds, rain gardens and containers. It grows best in moist soils and has its best color with morning sun or dappled shade.

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Plant Details

Common Name:

Evercolor® 'Everlime' Sedge

Leaf Color:


Bloom Time:


Sun Exposure:

Likes Part Shade

Growth Rate:


Mature Shape:


Mature Height:

12in to 15in

Mature Width:

12in to 15in


Tolerates Wet Soils
Deer Resistant