Ruby Red Horse Chestnut Tree Form (Briot

Botanical Name: Aesculus x c. 'Briotii' TF

Courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt Nursery

About Ruby Red Horse Chestnut Tree Form (Briot

A medium sized ornamental tree enjoyed for its showy spring flower clusters. This variety is known for its smaller size, larger flower clusters and rose-red flower color. Makes an excellen lawn tree where the nuts can drop freely and enjoyed by wildlife.

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Plant Details

Common Name:

Ruby Red Horse Chestnut Tree Form (Briot

Leaf Color:


Leaf Fall Color

Yellow and Brown

Bloom Time:


Sun Exposure:

Likes Sun to Part Shade

Growth Rate:


Mature Shape:


Mature Height:

25ft to 35ft

Mature Width:

25ft to 35ft


Attracts Birds